Central US Parks

When most people talk of visiting National Parks, rarely does the middle of our country spring to mind. In the next showing of our “See America” series, parks aficionado Steve Farrar will lake us on a tour of the US’s mid-section stretching from Voyageurs NP on the Canadian border, over to the Black Hills of South Dakota, and down the Mississippi to the Gateway Arch NP in St. Louis. Some of these parks (like Badlands or Teddy Roosevelt) require backcountry camping to experience while others (Gateway Arch, Hot Springs) are right in the midst of bustling communities.

(Bonus coverage in this presentation includes 3 locations that once were official National Parks but have lost that unique designation.)

Voyageurs, MN
Isle Royal, MI
Theodore Roosevelt, ND
Badlands, SD
Wind Cave, SD
Hot Springs, AR
Gateway Arch, MO