Plants in the Parks

Why do people go to visit our National Parks?  Answers generally run the gamut from viewing spectacular rock formations to seeing amazing waterfalls, from seeking the solitude of the desert to witnessing magnificent mountain vistas.  What you rarely hear is “I go to see the plants!”  Our presenter, adventurer Steve Farrar, has traveled extensively through our National Parks and will make the case in an hour-long visual smorgasbord that “Flora” should rank much higher on the priority list of answers.  During his slideshow we will visit five parks that were each exclusively created to preserve one specific plant species, we will be teased by pictures from six more parks with dazzling varieties of plant displays, we will visit and learn about two bastions of Champion Trees, and finally, we will be treated to a tour of the gold-medal winner, the “Plant Heaven” National Park that every self-respecting lover of things that grow should feel obligated to go see.