National Park Service Introduction

“America’s Best Idea”

Historian Wallace Stegner was specifically referring to our National Parks when he used the phrase “America’s best idea”, but the governing body of our country’s conservation and preservation efforts, the National Park Service, is actually charged with maintaining far more than just the 63 US National Parks. In the initial talk in our Armchair Traveler series of virtual visits to our magnificent parks, our adventurous presenter Steve Farrar will distinguish between the variety of conservation units (423 in total) under the stewardship of the National Park Service. Steve uses images of well-known examples to help clarify the distinctions between National Recreation Areas and National Seashores, National Monuments and National Memorials, National Historic Parks and National Military Parks – you get the picture. We will then be treated to a collage of coming attractions as Steve walks us through several of his favorite scenic wonders and activities that the Parks offer us.

Whether you would like to re-visit previous trips of your own or are looking for help planning a future vacation, you are sure to enjoy this unique look at our wonderous National Parks!